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How Does Easy Transactional Funding Work for Real Estate Closings?

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We’ll take a quick look at what you should NOT have to go through to get the Transactional Funding you need to do “No Money” Double Closings . . .

“How to Make Sure Buyers and Sellers Come to Closings”

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We Have the BEST Transactional Funding in the Industry!

You’re about to see exactly why we have the BEST transactional funding in the industry and how we can help you close wholesale double-closing transactions that can’t be Assigned or Joint Ventured.

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Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry with rates ranging from 1% to as low as ½ of 1% of the actual amount funded plus a $50 wire fee – that’s all, no junk fees, or add-ons!

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You’ll be getting the most reliable transactional funder in the industry. We are the pinnacle of Direct Private Lenders and we only lend our own personal funds.

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We have extensive experience in the real estate investor community and over 15 years of lending experience. We strive to make a win-win for everyone. Otherwise, if your transaction doesn’t close, everyone loses.

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