We issue an actual Verified Bank Statement or Verified Monthly Statement for your use and act as a “Funding Partner” if a seller or agent calls and asks which many do. However, we do not do any hard money loans.

We answer the calls from sellers or agents and check to make sure you are in our funding system and explain we come to closing with “cash” and no loan approval is needed as you are our “boots on the ground” to approve the purchase.

Up to $600,000 VOD/POF

including your Personalized Letter of Credit (LOC) – $49.95 for each VOD

Delivered in 24 – 48 hours, Max.

*Emergency Service (within 2 – 3 hours) – $84.95

$601,000 to $1,500,000 VOD/POF

including your Personalized Letter of Credit (LOC) – $99.95 for each VOD

Delivered in 24 – 48 hours, Max.

*Emergency Service (within 2 – 3 hours) – $169.95

*Call us (954-274-1003) to check for Emergency Service
before ordering

Each VOD/POF/LOC is issued without a specific property address so it can be used repeatedly for multiple offers. This gives you the power to be unafraid of sellers or listing agents who demand proof that you can purchase their property. We are here for you to help you get your deals completed.


I will DOUBLE Your VOD/POF/LOC Purchase Price –


The ability to give a seller or an agent a VOD/POF/LOC and have it accepted can make you a ton of money so paying for our documents is a no-brainer.

But we have made it an even easier decision with our Double Your Money GUARANTEE.

When you close a same-day wholesale double closing where we provide the funding, we will reimburse you double what you paid for the VOD/POF that we issued you – that’s our 200% Double Your Money Guarantee. Guarantee is available for one VOD/POF purchased per customer, per month, or within 60 days of the original issuance date during which time the funding must be completed.

Usually, we will have your VOD/POF prepared and returned to you within 24 – 48 hours. We even offer Emergency Service for an additional fee and subject to availability. Call to confirm this service before selecting your option.

This means that not only can your POF/VOD be FREE, but you can make money using our funding service.

VOD/POF Application

Simply fill out the following information, read the Disclosure and Disclaimer, and acknowledge you read this by clicking the “Sign Up Here” button to process your order – 

Very Simple!

How to earn “Easy Money” without doing any wholesale deals yourself.

Email us at AskDaveDinkel@gmail.com for complete information on how you can make as much as a 10% or 25% commission on referrals to other wholesalers for our transactional funding.


Amount Funded at 1% Funding Fee Your Commission
100,000 $1,000 $250 (25%)
300,000 $3,000 $750 (25%)
Amount Funded at 3/4%    
100,000 $750 $75 (10%)
300,000 $2,250 $225 (10%)

We typically pay the day following the double closing and will wire the funds to your account which needs to be an entity, not a personal name.