buyer and seller coming to closing

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Buyer and seller coming to closing


If your seller wants to close even a couple of days before your end buyer, there can be a massive problem.


  • The transactional funder runs the risk of funding 100% of the A-B closing and the end buyer (B-C) not closing.


  • The usual result is a foreclosure action for the transactional lender to recover as much of his money as possible.


  • Therefore, one of the top priorities of double closings is that they close on the same day with the same closing agent.


  • No matter how “strong” your deal is, and no matter how large a potential profit you have if you close, there is always a risk of something doing wrong with the end buyer and his not closing.


  • There are 20 reasons buyers and sellers don’t close, and it is so important that I even wrote a complete course on this topic.


  • The main reason for buyers not closing is buyer’s remorse where the buyer suddenly decides he overpaid, or he is afraid of doing too extensive a rehab.


  • The second greatest reason for not closing is that his hard money funder simply decided not to lend him the money.


  • While there are solutions for all the 20 “things” that can kill deals, action must be taken immediately when something goes wrong.


  • Your best option is to get your seller to extend his closing date by incentivizing him with $500 or $1,000 for his “inconvenience.”


  • The other option is to get the end buyer to close sooner or find another buyer if that’s possible.


  • These critical closing dates must be determined before you sign contracts with the seller and end buyer.


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About the author : Dave Dinkel