Transactional Funding Basic Requirements

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What’s required to get transactional funding?


Transactional Funding is typically for wholesale double closings, wholesale flips or in some cases what’s called flash cash. This is the most asked question I get as a transactional funder.

Let’s talk about what’s not required.
• There is no credit check.
• Bankruptcy is okay.
• No appraisal required.
• Condition doesn’t matter.
• Buyer can be an LLC, partnership, corporation or an individual.
• No proof of funds required.
• No application form.
• No additional fees other than the transaction and the wire fee.

Three things are needed.
• Number one is an A to B signed contract. A being the original seller. B being the investor.
• Number 2 – B to C signed contract. This is where the investor becomes the seller and C is your end buyer.
• Number 3 – email address of the person at the closing agent you’re working with.

I take care of all the details of the funding process directly with the closing agent from here on out. No need to worry about your transactional funder not coming to closing. With 47 years of investing experience and thousands of closings, I know what needs to be done!

So what else is required?
• Both the A to B and B to C closings must be on the same day.
• Both the A to B and B to C closings must be with the same closing agent, attorney, settlement agent or the escrow agent.

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About the author : Dave Dinkel