Assign the Contract

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Why double close? Why don’t you just assign the contract?


Why would you need to double close?

• The seller won’t allow you to wholesale /assign your contract
• The end buyer won’t allow you to assign your contract
• The closing agent or attorney won’t do an assignment
• The state where the property is located won’t allow investors to assign or sell their contracts
• The most important one – your profit is too large!

So stop making what professional wholesalers call paying you a “tip” when they take an assignment from you. You deserve the added profit instead of another wholesaler will definitely make between two (2) and twenty (20) times what you made. The actual key to being super successful as a wholesaler is to have a large and powerful buyers list.

The hesitation to double close is usually because of the closing costs associated with two closings. The issue is easily overcome by telling the seller and the end-buyer that you will take their offer, BUT they’ll need to pay your closing costs. If properly phrased to these parties, and if they are motivated, they will agree the vast majority of the time.

Now is the time to STOP leaving tons of money on the closing table by assigning or selling your contract to another wholesaler!

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About the author : Dave Dinkel